That old familiar, the venerable Theodosius.

One draught of old times sets all to rights.

“Securing the color?” said Ian.  “That’s a mining term.  I know the import of that f*cking term.  Focus.  Must be the secret of the success of all you highly-successful types.”

self-evident= a priori

My cat followed me into the bathroom this morning as I evacuated my bowels.  The cat was not so much focused on that, because he did not know or care particularly what I was doing, so long as I could spare a hand for petting, to give him some attention.  See, it was quite early, hours before daylight, so we were the only two stirring creatures about in the house.

This Theodosius, has a quality.  Like a caring sort of thing, but still manages to brook no-nonsense.

Having glanced at the writing of Kant, his fine, granular parsing of terms, a priori this and deductive that, like some stuff we either already know so we recognize it immediately, like a PC having an SSD to speed up the booting time, or yet we recognize it instantly, within the thinkgood, which he still considers a priori knowledge, via the fact that we did not use the cognitive facility to reason it out, or as he puts it, we did not need to “deduce”, Mister Holmes.

Quite so, Mister Watson, but I’m sure, by the look on your face, in your astonishment, that you are eager to find how I reached these conclusions.  You see, it was all quite easy with a quick appraisal of your appearance, the knife marks on your the sole of your boots where you tried to scrape the mud away, leaving the quarters of your mistress.

Fuerte.  They wouldn’t let Lashley play the heavy in the big leagues, despite the face that he is rather obviously suited for that purpose, but instead giving him a mouthpiece of a person accompanying him, “putting him over” before the WWE Universe.  The called him the “Destroyer” in Impact, which kind of sent a bit of a thrill through my person, but still he resorted to playing a rather average heel there after a time.


2 thoughts on “That old familiar, the venerable Theodosius.

    1. Nope. As Seneca said in an ancient book, something to the effect that, “I’m not well enough or better than anyone to the point of being qualified to give advice to my fellow man, but rather I talk about our common condition from my own bed to yours, as a fellow patient within the same hospital ward.” That’s a paraphrase. I just popped out of bed early, for another thing. 🙂


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