Super Fyodor: “because I allow it!”

Fyodor has a sway over people, with his whims, his little insecurities and guiles, and all the daily minutia that drifts in like trash floating ontop of the tidewater.

But Fyodor is, me, and irrevocably, ultimately, the author of his own torment.  I can look outside myself and see this.  My meds help me to take a step back and evaluate myself from a more objective standpoint.

We hear the lamentation of the women, in the mud with torn bodice, yelling, seemingly, at the world itself, and to nothing else in particular.  Will the world hear them?

Fyodor Rhyss Hastings allows so much, before he puts his foot down and stops it.  You have to know when to let your team use their skill, and when one should instead be and autocrat, controlling things in to the nth degree.

Do you follow a charismatic leader, or do you follow based on the strength of individual ideas?  You have the control to not make a blanket decision, but instead to break each issue into its constituent parts, and then decide.

I however, tend to think on my gut.  Which is not helping my present diet, even though I have lost 60 pounds in nine months.  As they always say, you lose water first, with the initial weight loss coming fast.  Then of course, it slows, and that is the phase I am in now.  Having to diet pretty hard to make progress on my diet.

But this is according to plan, deary.

Remember, it doesn’t happen unless Fyodor allows it.  🙂


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