Ready almost ready

Carefully adding ingredients.  Flour.  Butter.  Salt.  Milk.  Monsters are made from scraps of nothings, as are wonderful meals.

Incipient was the beast, an assemblage of scattered dispirate parts, that each alone were innocuous and unthreatening, but together, they made one “tear the drawers up” properly, to use a common Davis-ism.  The monster would have one, “in the grice“, to coin another Davis-ism.  One would “tear the door down getting out of there“.

Monsters are not made all at once, but pieced together from stray bits, like misogynist tweets and face-lifts gone wrong, Joe Scareboro’s hair gel.  Rome itself was not built in a day, but built by the conquered foes from around the world, added-to time and again until the balance of the city became magnificent.

One must observe patience before that sweet moment of reward, that moment when the goal is realized.


3 thoughts on “Ready almost ready

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